The Birder's Notebook Online Edition


The BNOnline is a personal, experimental, non-commercial website that aims to provide a complete reference to all data on the Internet pertaining to any bird species. It contains links to material on other websites using the same philosopy that search engines employ in retrieving images and other data from the web, i.e. if it can be linked to, the link will be displayed with an appropriate attribution consisting of a direct link to the original page.

The differences between the results available on this website and those using a search engine are:

To access the Main Species Index click the button above, then select the Checklist of interest, then click on any species in the list. To navigate the list click on the vertical blue navigation bar, or drag the cursor down the bar, or enter a species id (name or number) in the "Begin at' field.*

No images or other material can be submitted directly to this site.
The site's format is intended for larger screens and may not be appropriate for smaller mobile devices.
*Contact ggsoftware@thebnonline.com if you want to review this site.